Bintan Triathlon - Travelling With Your Bike
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Travelling with your bike made easy for the Bintan Triathlon

  • The ferry to Bintan has limited room for bikes, so please ensure you book your bike slot on the ferry early.
  • Note that customs requires you and your bike to travel on the same ferry.
  • If your bike is in a bike box you still need to book a bike slot.
  • A ferry bike handling fee of SGD 20 applies for the bike transfer to and from Bintan.

Ferry Procedure

Your ferry to Bintan leaves from the Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal (TMFT), 50 Tanah Merah Ferry Road. Please arrive 2 hours before departure at the ferry terminal.

  • Collect your boarding pass (and bike luggage tags) from your ferry operator. Make sure to advise the staff where you want your bike to be transported upon arrival to Bintan (usually at your booked hotel):
    • Moziac ferries counter: Participants who are staying at Bintan Lagoon Resort and booked Journeyful ferry.
    • Bintan Resort Ferries (BRF) counter: Participants who are staying at other Bintan resorts.
  • Don’t lose your return bike luggage tag. Without the tag your bike can not go on the ferry back to Singapore. A new bike tag is chargeable at SGD 12.
  • For bikes arriving on Saturday it is recommended to send them to the Bike Depot at the host hotel, Bintan Lagoon Resort, regardless of where you are staying Make sure to advise the Bintan Resorts Ferry staff accordingly when you collect your boarding pass.
  • For the return ferry, please hand your bike, with the return bike luggage tag, to your hotel 3 hours before departure to ensure your bike makes it on the ferry on time.

Bike Packing

Your bike doesn’t need to be packed, just bring it as is to the ferry terminal. However, once at the ferry terminal, please follow these steps:

  •  Remove pedals before checking it in: it helps the staff a lot in loading and unloading your bike safely and swiftly.
  • Remove accessories: bike computer, drink bottles, saddle packs, etc. – as they may get lost / removed during transport.

Bike protection

  • If you want to pack your bike in a box (or need to because you’re travelling by plane), but are not sure how to go about this see our bike box advise and packing guide.
  • Travel insurance can be purchased from Bintan Resort Ferries or your travel agent in advance.

Bike Mechanic

  • Ensure your bike is in good order before you bring it to Bintan! If you’re not sure take it to your bike shop for a service.
  • Bike mechanics will be at the Bintan Triathlon from Friday to Sunday for last minutes fixes and tunings.
  • The mechanics will charge for major repairs and assembling or packing bikes.
Ultimate combination of sports & fun in the tropics. 7 - 9 June 2019

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