Bintan Triathlon, Asia - Health Advice
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Health Advice

Health & Safety


Please look after yourself and try to stay away from the medical tent!  In Bintan, heat takes on a whole new meaning: high temperatures and very high humidity. These combined puts a great deal of stress to your body and places you at greater risk of
developing a heat injury.

To avoid this, here are a few tips from the Medical Director:


Start (and then stay) well hydrated!

Be sure to increase your fluid intake in the two days leading up to the race.  Then on race day a combination of water and sports drink before and during the event will help keep your performance up and your injury risk down. Stop at the drink stations and cool down with a cold water sponge while grabbing your water and electrolyte drinks.

Not used to the heat? Start at a slower pace

If this is your first time at Bintan Triathlon or have been training in a cooler and less humid place, start your race at a slower pace than you normally would. Listen to your body and let it guide you to the best pace for you to race at.

Been feeling under the weather recently, perhaps with a flu and muscle aches?

Check with the medical team before you take part in the race. Having diarrhoea and vomiting recently? This would have resulted in loss of fluid and electrolytes, so ensure to replace these before you head to the transition area to set up for the race.

Experiencing undue fatigue, headache, or giddiness during the event?

Slow your pace down and even take a short break. If things don’t improve, inform a race official and head to the medical tent.


Even as you take care of yourself before and during the event, keep an eye out for any fellow participant who might not be looking too well. If you see someone stumbling, running or walking in a strange way, or someone who seems to be really struggling, please stop and ask how they are. You may be doing that person a big favour by letting a race official know or by asking for medical help.

Here’s wishing you a wonderful, healthy and safe day in Bintan!

Ultimate combination of sports & fun in the tropics. 7 - 9 June 2019

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