Bintan Triathlon Event in Asia - Day Trip Package Offering
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If you have time or budget limitations (who doesn’t?), consider our Travel-Easy option for a day trip from Singapore to Bintan. You leave Singapore in the morning, race and come back home on the same day.

  • The Travel-Easy option is available only for the Sprint and Olympic distance races on the 12th of May.
The Travel-Easy package for day-trippers includes:

  • Return Ferry Ticket
  • Ferry Bike Slot
  • Pick-up from the ferry terminal in Bintan and transfer to the race venue (for cyclists and bikes)
  • Return transfer to the ferry terminal
  • Post-race access to hotel parrner’s Nirwana Gardens, bars and restaurants

Please note that the race entry fee is not included.

Athlete Day Trip Package fee: S$142 (with bike)

Spectator Day Trip Package fee: S$112 (Adult) / S$96 (Child)

Sprint Distance Day Trip PackageOlympic Distance Day Trip Package
Singapore to Bintan- 7:35amSingapore to Bintan- 9:10am (Fully booked!)

Singapore to Bintan – 7:35am (Fully booked!)

Bintan to Singapore- 3:35pmBintan to Singapore- 7:35pm (Fully booked!)

Book your Travel-Easy package together with your race entry.

Ultimate combination of sports & fun in the tropics. 11 - 13 May 2018

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